porcellana, porcellane decorate a mano roma

Objects and tableware of porcelain, hand-decorated, themed, also on order.

Trays, tablewares, bowls, cups, plates, coffee cups, mugs, teapots, ashtrays, teapots portions, plates with cup, donuts center table, egg cups, bowls shaped more

porcellana, porcellane decorate a mano roma

Playing on porcelain of particular works of art by great artists.

Before you run the real decoration, Matilde develops a specific project, based on the piece to be painted, on the subject, form, use, and following a precise methodology creative and making every unique and unrepeatable, even if made more than once ... read more

porcellana, porcellane decorate a mano roma

Favors porcelain, hand-decorated, themed order.

For those who want to customize the porcelain with its own decor, there is the possibility of commissioning a Matilde decoration you want, directly bringing your own design in his lab more


What has been said about Matilde:

Monday, January 20, 2014
"Sometimes works of Matilde Argiolas arouse disbelief for the perfection of detail and accuracy of the details.
His work may seem to run with decals, on the contrary, are strictly the result of his manual dexterity."