Art tables

  • Tableware
  • Coffee mugs, tea and breakfast service
  • Mug
  • Objects for table furnishings
  • Objects for furnishings, bases for lampshades, vases, cachepot, ashtrays of various sizes and shapes, wall pockets, bowls
  • porcellana, porcellane decorate a mano romaAlthough each collection is tied to a theme, each plate has a different decoration, not repeated.

    For example, a service for 8 with a floral theme "Tulips", will be decorated by 8 different tulips in color and shape. Even more classical themes of decoration on porcelain as chinoiserie or bouquets are stylistically revisited.

    There is often the need to renew your table depending on the change of seasons, anniversaries and holidays or just because you get tired of a service that you have for many years. In my opinion it not necessary to replace the entire service consisting of dozens of pieces but just insert some of my plates in your service or enrich the table with decorative objects (table centerpieces, vases, saucers for bread etc.)

    So you can get with a low cost a refined table that will amaze your guests.

    Even the tablemats play an important role because in even color or decorated can enhance a simple white plate and instantly transform your table taking possibly the dominant tones of your home. In addition, I evaluate the proposals to perform decorations requested by clients.

    Among the main demands there are: family crests, figures, reproductions of country houses, farmhouses, villas, castles and animal portraiture.